Barbara Witkowska is a  Polish artist, based in England. Her interest in painting and drawing began in early childhood and continue develop thru art education. She received traditional art education in Fine Art colleague in Jaroslaw, Poland. In 2013 Barbara Witkowska completed a BA Hons first class degree in Fine Art at Staffordshire University and she was awarded the Benjamin Boothroyd Prize for the best final year exhibition in Art and Designee. Witkowska works predominantly in the medium of painting, but also includes drawing and mix media painting on paper. Artist Barbara Witkowska's path of growth is exceptional dedication in pursuit to achieve her own style through unique technique. Witkowska’s organic-surreal details and mastery atmosphere in her paintings are established through experimenting with mixing different mediums, as well as spray and pouring paint techniques combined with painted fine details.

Her work currently focuses on the  beautiful detailed imaginary landscape  and surrealistic compositions, that explore notions of the sublime, but also allude to human beings as a dominate force of nature. Her artwork consider the antagonisms in human nature and its contradictory components, often polarized as good versus evil. She named her painting style as an organic abstraction, and she explain that she create her work to: I paint to guide you to your present moment. Witkowska paintings were selected for the New Art West Midlands Prize 2014 and her paintings were exhibited in group show in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Barbara Witkowska on the beginning of 2015 was requested to take part with New Art WM which showcases the rich visual arts heritage of the region whilst embracing the art of today by promoting living artists and contemporary art in West Midlands. She was invited to exhibit her work in NEW ART WM “Annuale” exhibition in Birmingham School of Art.,her work was included at the “Salon” exhibition in Waterhall Gallery in Birmingham.Witkowska’s  work has been published in ‘Aesthetica’, the art and culture magazine.